Amazon S3 Integration

Amazon S3 buckets are a great way to store data in a secure and organised way, allowing you access to the Raw data from your Ruler Analytics account.

Using our Integration with S3 allows you Direct access to your transformed data which we use within ruler's platform to produce your reports in your Dashboard. We store all our data in the form of objects in JSON format.

What data is Stored?

RawWebPageViewCaptureThis is the unchanged raw data that our tracker captures on your web page.
WebPageViewsA single page view structured to be easy to understand and consume. Some manipulation has been performed to extract things like a visitor's fingerprints and the user agent information.
ConversionsAll your call and form conversions are stored separately with a history of the touchpoints linked to it and the attribution models applied. 3rd party Call and Live Chat conversions will be stored under the ‘forms’ to begin with however there is future plans to split out conversions by specific types for easier consumption and querying.
VisitorsA single object encapsulating all information for a single Visitor. Our ETL solution links all interactions into a single visitor for an easy way to view how a single person has interacted with your organisation.
CustomDataTouchpointHistoryWe capture custom data for each web page view. This object contains the touchpoint history for a single custom data key and value with the applied attribution models. This data will allow you to narrow down specific data for quick reports and apply attribution models as needed.

Why use S3?

As Ruler improves our ETL software you will see the benefit instantly. This means instant access to any data changes for new features. e.g. added data for extra insight

The data will always be available for use so there's no need to spend extra money on your own data warehouse if one is not needed.

Data is split by hour, So you can easily filter any requests so you only get the data relevant to your need to decrease the amount of calls you need to do.