Google Data Studio

Report on your Ruler Analytics data in Google Data Studio

Ruler allows you to report on your data within your Google Data Studio account so you can create custom reports, visualisations and charts.

What data can we send for your reports?

Ruler Custom Events
New event when a Phone Call lands in Ruler Analytics
New event when a New Form Completion lands in Ruler Analytics
New event when a New Sales Transaction lands in Ruler Analytics
New event when a New Opportunity Stage land in Ruler Analytics

How can you Integrate your Ruler Data with Google Data Studio?

Google Analytics

Ruler can send all event data we capture, as an event to Google Analytics. Once the events are reporting in your GA account you can then create a Goal.

Within Data Studio, you can then choose Google Analytics as your Connector, to add data to your new report.


More information on sending your Data to Google Analytics here.

Google Sheets

Ruler can also create you a Google Sheet that will automatically update when new events land in your Ruler Analytics account, with all available attribution/custom data we have about the event.

You can then link the Google Sheet as a new Data source within your Google Data Studio.


Once you have connected your Google Account, it will ask you to select the Google Sheet you wish to pull data from into your report.

We recommend selecting the following options when using Sheets as a data source.


More information on Google Data Studio can be found here. If you have any questions or queries about the events we can send to Analytics please get in touch with a member of Support.