Export Ruler Data to Salesforce

Ruler can enrich your Salesforce records with the attribution information we collect about a Lead.

Available Ruler Triggers
New event when a New Call lands in Ruler Analytics
New event when a New Form Completion lands in Ruler Analytics
Available Salesforce Actions
Create New Lead in Salesforce
Create New Contact in Salesforce
Create New Opportunity in Salesforce
Find and Update Lead in Salesforce
Find and Update Opportunity in Salesforce

For each of the Ruler triggers you can pass the following fields to your Salesforce account to enrich your data. http://help.ruleranalytics.com/en/articles/3043560-passing-data-out-of-ruler-analytics

How to decide the best Salesforce Action to choose for your CRM setup?

If you already have a method for creating leads or opportunities in your Salesforce account you will not need to chose a 'create' action. The Find and Update actions will allow you to search your Salesforce account using the lead email address or phone number, and when a successful match is found, updating the custom fields with the chosen attribution data.

What is needed for this Integration?

Once you have decided the variables you wish to map from the Lead in Ruler to your Salesforce account, you will need to ensure you have created these as a custom field in your Lead or Opportunity record in your CRM. More information can be found here.

Get in touch with your account manager today to get started with your Salesforce Integration.