Import your Data to Ruler via FTP

Use SFTP to safely import your Data from your internal systems into your Ruler Dashboard.

The following actions are available within Ruler Analytics when an update is received via FTP.

Available Actions
Create a New Revenue Record in Ruler Analytics
Create a new Opportunity Record in Ruler Analytics

Please see below the required fields to import data into Ruler Analytics. Please note you can send a file via FTP that contains more columns than listed below, Ruler can simply ignore any fields that are not relevant to the upload.

However, the format of the file must be strictly followed each time and the order the columns must remain consistent in order to upload to Ruler.

Required VariablesDesired Format
EmailThe email of the lead
PhoneThe phone number of the lead
LabelThe label you wish to attach to the lead, This can be anything you want for your own reference such as 'Customer ID'
ValueThis can be any value you wish to attribute to the lead. This may be a forecast value amount at this stage. If the lead has no value as of yet, pass a 0 Value in this field
DateThe date the lead reached this stage. This will help you follow a timeline of your lead as it progresses through the stages
Stage(only required for Opportunity Upload)The stage you wish to map this lead to within your Ruler dashboard. Remember this field is case sensitive and should exact match what you have configured previously in Ruler

If you have any questions or wish to discuss further please feel free to contact [email protected] and we'll be happy to help.