Send Ruler Events as Offline Conversions to Facebook Ads

How to fire your Ruler Analytics Events as an offline conversion to Facebook Ads

Ruler can fire new events to your Facebook Ads account as an offline conversion, when a specific event occurs within Ruler Analytics such as when you receive a new Phone call. Using the Email/Phone number as the key variables Facebook will look to see if an Ad has been served to an account with those matching variables.

To get started, please ensure you create your Offline Conversion in your Facebook Account

When setting the Conversion Name, please use the following settings depending on the event you are sending from Ruler Analytics. If you wish to amend this, please just let a member of the team know and we can update configuration on our side.

Event Type

Offline Event Name

New Phone Call

Ruler Phone Call

New Form Completion

Ruler Form

New Live Chat

Ruler Live Chat

New Opportunity

Ruler Opportunity

New Revenue

Ruler Revenue

If you wish to change the event name please just let us know and we will update the configuration on our side.

Ruler will also need confirmation of the following value



Offline Event Set ID

This can be found under Business manager > Events Manager > Dataset