Using Ruler Analytics and Zapier

How to integrate your Ruler Analytics account with your other products using our Zapier Integration

Creating your Zapier account
Before you can connect Ruler Analytics to any other product you will need to first create your Zapier account.

Connect your Ruler Analytics account with Zapier
Once you have created your account with Zapier, you will then need to connect your Ruler Analytics account. To do this go to connected accounts > connect a new account.

You will then be asked to log in to Ruler Analytics and authorize Zapier.

Your Ruler and Zapier accounts will now be connected!

How to set up your first Zap

To create your first Zap with Ruler go to ‘Make a Zap’ in the top right corner of Zapier.

  • Choose your Trigger App and Trigger

The first step is to choose your trigger app - ‘Ruler Analytics’.

Next, you need to pick the ‘trigger’. This will be the data Ruler sends to your other products.

There are 3 main triggers with Ruler, these are a new conversion, a new phone call, and a new company visit. Although you can also trigger Ruler for a returning company visit and a missed phone call.

Select your trigger > choose your account > select the site on your account you wish to send the data from.

You can then test this step would work if the Zap was running by fetching an existing call or conversion for example from you Ruler dashboard.

Providing there is at least one phone call, one form completion and one company visit in your dashboard this test should be successful.

  • Choose your Action App and Action

Your action app is the product you wish to pass the data into from Ruler. This could be your CRM, a Google Sheet, email or phone call for example.

There are 1,500s of Apps to choose from that are supported by Zapier. If your desired App is not listed you may need to use Webhooks or an API.

For more information on this please get in touch with us and we will be happy to help.

Some of our Popular Zaps

  • Create rows on Google Sheets with a new conversion
  • Add a new lead to Salesforce when there is a conversion in Ruler Analytics
  • Receive an Email when there is a new phone call in Ruler Analytics
  • If you have any questions about Zapier please let us know.