TikTok Ads

Setting up your Tiktok Ads URL tagging for attribution and reporting drill down

As a minimum for best attribution and campaign reporting within Ruler granularity we recommend the minimum values are used on your landing page URL.

Many ad platforms utilise dynamic UTM tracking templates, which are useful for capturing granular details about your campaigns in Ruler. These parameters, indicated by UNDERSCORES will change based on every variable of your ad.

The UTM tracking string must be pasted exactly into the ads configuration

Supported UTM FieldsSupported Values
utm_mediumcpc, ppc, paid
utm_termNot Applicable for Tiktok
keyword_idNot Applicable for Tiktok

Use this string and copy it exactly.



Ensure the underscores are populated for the dynamic parameters to work

Please note using any non standard values in your tracking templates or UTMs can lead to incorrect attribution or limitations on your report drill downs within Ruler. If you have any concerns or issues please reach out please contact [email protected] where we will assist you.