Sales IQ

Integrate Ruler Analytics and Sales IQ and attribute your Live Chat Leads to their Marketing Source.

Integrate your Live Chat with Ruler Analytics, so you can track and attribute your new Chat leads in the Ruler dashboard.

Step One

The below code can be added to your site through placing the code in the footer or you can opt to inject it through Google Tag Manager.

function ruler_live_chat() {
    try {
        if(RulerAnalyticsVisitorId && $zoho.salesiq.ready){
                raid: RulerAnalyticsVisitorId,
        } else{
            throw new Error("Not loaded");
    } catch (a) {
        setTimeout(function () {
        }, 500);

Step Two


If you have not got your Ruler Webhook URL please contact our Support Team who will send you the URL to post to.

Since the code is set on the website, we now need to setup a Webhook from within the Sales IQ portal, to send back your Completed Chats with the Ruler Analytics Visitor ID.

You can find this in Settings > Developer > Webhook > Data Modifications.


We recommend that you have the Webhook trigger on Conversation.Complete, as to only send the information at the end of the chat, meaning that we will only ever receive one triggered event.


If you require any assistance or have any questions please contact our Support Team