Zoho CRM

How to Connect Ruler and your Zoho CRM Account

Integrate Ruler Analytics and your Zoho CRM to automatically send data data captured from lead generation activity from web forms, phone calls or live chat to enrich your sales pipeline with marketing attribution data.

Zoho CRM data can be enriched with over 60 marketing variables over multiple touch points such as First/Last Click marketing source, landing page, keyword, GCLID, page views and sessions, as well as a link back to view the lead's page journey through your website.

Once an Opportunity is marked Closed/Won in Zoho CRM, Ruler will update the marketing data in the Ruler dashboard with the revenue value and can send this back into your marketing platforms such as Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Facebook and Microsoft Advertising.

This allows you to measure ROI and optimise your campaigns based on revenue, and not Goals or Conversions, to prove the true impact of your marketing campaigns on the business.

Any questions, please contact [email protected] and a member of the team can assist.