Visitor Webhook

This webhook searches your Ruler account using the variables such as email and or phone number to see if we can find a call or form completion that contains the variables. From there we can provide information about the visitor needed to post to Google Analytics such as the Google
Client ID.

When to use this webhook

The Visitor webhook is a good way to return the Google Client ID, GCLID, MSCLKID and Ruler Visitor ID. These are variables that may be needed to send and upload your data into other products such as Google Analytics or Ads.
    "Content-type": "application/json",
    "X-Authorization": "VnPQsFMJDfLkaKdDJWloaNVBs7Z4XEbFgakjHJfEBPV1zPYxdxt1208"

X-Authorization should be the API key from your Ruler Dashboard.

Post Variables
phone (required if email is not present)The Customer's Phone Number you wish to
post (should be their called in on phone
email (required if phone is not present)The Customers Email Address you wish to post
(should be their conversion email address)
cid (optional)Google Client id found in cookie/on site, from your Google Analytics tracking.
key / X-Authorization (required)This will come from your Ruler Analytics
account. You can find your Ruler API Key by
logging in to your Ruler Analytics account.

Success 200

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
  "cid": "1534286934.8647456435",
  "visitor": "31252356",
  "gclid": "124HILjad325lh310adwj_veinwa_BEW",
  "msclkid": "123jaocj4532523"

List Error

HTTP/1.1 503 Invalid Visitor Id