Export Ruler Analytics data to Bing Ads

Using the msclkid that Ruler captures from a visitors landing page url as soon as they land on your website, you can import your sales to your Bing Ads account, by creating a corresponding conversion goal for a New Ruler Event.

Log into your Microsoft Bing Ads account.

Select Conversion Tracking and then Conversion goals (or from the global menu at the top, Select Tools and then Conversion goals).

Click 'Create conversion goal'.


When setting the Conversion Goal Name, please use the following settings depending on the event you are sending from Ruler Analytics. If you wish to amend this, please just let a member of the team know and we can update configuration on our side.

Event TypeConversion Name
New Phone CallRuler Phone Call
New Form CompletionRuler Form
New Live ChatRuler Live Chat
New OpportunityRuler Opportunity
New RevenueRuler Revenue

Save the new Conversion and you are ready to start receiving events.