Amazon SQS

Integrate Ruler Analytics with Amazon's Simple Queue Service

Amazon simple queue service (SQS) allows you to receive multiple events at a high capacity from Ruler Analytics, and either store the data or send it to any of your other platforms you may use for data reporting or management such as your Data lake/Data warehouse tools.

Ruler Analytics can send events straight into a queue in Amazon SQS. Ruler can send an event for the following triggers in your Ruler dashboard and you can have more than one queue within Amazon.

Event Triggers
New Phone Call
New Form Completion
New Live Chat
New Opportunity
New Revenue
New Visitor Session

What fields are available?

Please see a list of the variables Ruler can pass here.

This is a bespoke enterprise integration and will require further discussion with a member of the team. Please get in touch today to discuss your needs and we will be happy to help.