Shopify Order Tracking

Track your Shopify orders in Ruler Analytics

When tracking ecommerce forms, we would recommend using a form of manual tagging. Due to the set up of Shopify, we have created a specific manual form tag you can add to the completed checkout page on your shopify CMS.

Please ensure your Ruler script is already added to the header/footer of the website before starting this setup.

Add the below custom Shopify script into your Shopify CMS. This can be done by going to

Shopify > Settings > Checkout

Under 'Additional Scripts' Paste in the following script

  var customer = Shopify.checkout.shipping_address;

  RulerAnalyticsPayload = {
  action: 'convert',
  "first_name": customer.first_name,
  "last_name": customer.last_name,
  "order_id": Shopify.checkout.order_id,
  "subtotal_price": Shopify.checkout.subtotal_price,
  "total_price": Shopify.checkout.total_price


You will also need to add your Ruler Analytics script here as well, as Shopify Checkout pages do not use global elements such as the Header or Footer so your tag already on the site, will not cover the checkout page.

You can get your Ruler Script from your dashboard here .

Once both the form and Ruler script are on the checkout page, you should be able to see your Orders tracked in the dashboard.



Please note Shopify Form tracking is only supported for Clients on our Closed Loop Attribution package.

Please contact [email protected] if you have any questions.