Ruler Variables

List of the different variables available to send from Ruler Analytics to your other platforms

What Information can we send from Ruler to your other platforms?

Visitor Data

Visitor Journey Data

Phone Call Data

Form Data

Please see below all available fields we can pass to your systems.

Form Specific Fields

Ruler will capture the fields from form fills that you specify e.g.


Email Address

Phone Number

Phone Specific Fields

Callers Number

Call Result

Call Start Date & Time

Call End Date & Time

Call Duration (Seconds)

Call Answer Delay

Called Number

Call Dialled Number Label

Marketing Specific Fields


Average Session Time


Discovery URL

First click Adgroupid

First click Canonical Url

First Click Creative

First Click Gclid

First Click Google Client ID / Cookie ID

First Click h1

First Click Keyword

First Click Landing Page

First Click Referrer Path

First Click Referrer

First Click Source

First Click Title

First Click UTM Campaign

First Click UTM Content

First Click UTM Keyword

First Click UTM Medium

First Click UTM Source

First Click UTM Term

Last Click Adgroupid

Last Click Canonical Url

Last Click Gclid

Last Click Google Client ID / Cookie ID

Last Click Group

Last Click H1

Last Click Landing Page

Last Click Referrer Path

Last Click Referrer

Last Click Source

Last Click Title

Last Click URL

Last Click UTM Campaign

Last Click UTM Content

Last Click UTM Keyword

Last Click UTM Medium

Last Click UTM Source

Last Click UTM Term

Visitor ID

Visitor Link

Visitor Page Views

Visitor Sessions