Export Ruler Analytics data to Google Ads

Login to Google Ads and go to Tools & Settings > Measurement > Conversions

Click the blue + button to create a new Conversion

Choose Import > Other data sources or CRMs > Track conversions from clicks



When setting the Conversion Name, please use the following settings depending on the event you are sending from Ruler Analytics. If you wish to amend this, please just let a member of the team know and we can update configuration on our side.

Event TypeConversion Name
New Phone CallRuler Phone Call
New Form CompletionRuler Form
New Live ChatRuler Live Chat
New OpportunityRuler Opportunity
New RevenueRuler Revenue

When asked to choose the method for measuring your Offline Conversions please select 'Google Click Identifiers' as we use the GCLID Ruler captures to upload and attribute the event within Google Ads.


Ensure you save the new Conversion and you are ready to start receiving events from Ruler Analytics. Please note there is a 24 hour upload delay added to each event within Ruler Analytics before sending to Google Ads, to allow enough time for the GCLID to be ready to upload.


Something to Keep in Mind

When sending offline conversions to Google Ads for your Sales/Opportunity data, the conversion will attribute to the date the 'GCLID' was obtained. (i.e the date the visitor landed on your site via that Google Paid Ad). This can mean the reports in Google Ads and Ruler Analytics do not align when looking at a set date range.

If you have any questions about this please let us know.