Export Ruler Analytics data to Google Ads

Ruler captures the GCLID from your landing page URL. We can then store this against the individual visitor and any activity they may perform on your website or from your CRM for example becoming a closed won deal and having revenue assigned to them.

Rulers integration with Google Ads allows you to send offline conversions using the GCLID to Google Ads whenever certain events happen in Ruler Analytics. In order to do this you will need a Google Ads Offline conversion setup for each event you wish Ruler to send data for.

There are few options for sending data to Google Ads.

1 - Scheduled daily manual sheet import of your conversions

2 - Automated daily API upload

Ruler supports and can assist with both options, we would recommend choosing the most appropriate method for your account setup and reporting needs.

The sheet method allows you to review upload status, errors and gives you more direct control over your upload. The API method allows you to automate the process but you cannot review errors/results for the uploads.

Whichever method you choose you will need to create supporting Offline Conversion in your Google Ads account to allow you to send the data from Ruler to Ads. See steps on creating your conversion action below.

Create your Google Ads Offline Conversion.

Login to Google Ads and go to Create > Conversion Action

Choose Import > Manual Import via API or Other Sources > Track conversions from clicks

The next step in the menu will give you a few options to chose to configure your conversion action. A lot of these settings are down to your own tracking and reporting preferences so please feel free to set this up based on your reporting requirements.

When setting the Conversion Name, please use the following settings depending on the event you are sending from Ruler Analytics. If you wish to amend this, please just let a member of the team know your required conversion name and we can update the configuration on our side.

Event TypeConversion Name
New Phone CallRuler Phone Call
New Opportunity StageRuler Opportunity (If you wish to send separate events per opportunity stage, you can create the event as per the stage name - please just update your account manager who can update your configuration)
New RevenueRuler Revenue

Please ensure you choose an attribution model from one of Google Ads options - This should be the attribution model you wish to report your conversions within your Google Ads.

You may be given the option to set your conversion action as 'primary' or 'secondary' we would always recommend to set this initially to 'secondary' to ensure you can validate the data first while configuring your Ruler & Crm integration. However you can always update your conversion actions once created to update this.

Ensure you save the new Conversion and have connected your Google Ads API with your Onboarding manager.


Something to Keep in Mind

When sending offline conversions to Google Ads for your Sales/Opportunity data, the conversion will attribute to the date the 'GCLID' was obtained. (i.e the date the visitor landed on your site via that Google Paid Ad). This can mean the reports in Google Ads and Ruler Analytics do not align when looking at a set date range.

Google Ads also has a 90 day maximum lookback window, meaning clicks older than 90 days cannot be uploaded and attributed in Google Ads, However you will still be able to attribute any Revenue to Ads within Ruler Analytics as we have no lookback window limitations.

If you have any questions about this please let us know.