Revenue Webhook

How to pass Revenue into Ruler Analytics using Webhooks

The revenue Webhook allows you to post CRM revenue back into Ruler to matches against the lead touch points to close the loop, Using this webhook you can send data from your website or CRM into Ruler Analytics and Google Analytics.
    "Content-type": "application/json",
    "X-Authorization": "VnPQsFMJDfLkaKdDJWloaNVBs7Z4XEbFgakjHJfEBPV1zPYxdxt1208"


email (optional)StringCustomer's email address, required if phone is not present.
phone (optional)StringCustomer's phone number, required if email is not present.
label (optional)StringA custom label for the transaction.
static_call_label (optional)StringA static call label for the transaction.
valueStringThe value of the transaction.
dateStringFormat: YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss
ua (optional)StringUA Code for a Google Analytics account, only specify if you want a transaction event in GA on revenue.
eventName (optional)StringThe name of the Google Analytics goal you'd like to trigger.
transaction (optional)String1 or 0, 1 if you want the Google Analytics event to be a transaction.
key/X-AuthorizationStringYour API Key from your Ruler Analytics dashboard.

Please note in order to send your Revenue data to Google Analytics, you must include UA, Transaction, eventName and Label parameters as well.

    "email":"[email protected]",
    "label": "Direct call from Event Marketing",
    "ua": "UA-1322523234-4A",
    "eventName": "Call Revenue",
    "transaction": 1,
HTTP/1.1 200 OK
HTTP/1.1 503 Invalid Visitor Id

How to test your webhook is working?

If you are sending Revenue there are a few ways to check if this is working.

1 - You should see the Revenue fire into your Ruler Analytics account under ‘Revenue’ in your dashboard.

2 - If you are sending the event to GA, You should be able to see the Event firing in real time in Google Analytics.

Real Time > Events > Last 30 Minutes and if its firing successfully your event should be there.

Reasons why the webhook may not work?

If for some reason your webhook is not working there are a few things you can check

1 - You are passing at least one of the required fields (i.e phone/email address)
2 - You have the correct API Key from Ruler Analytics
3 - You have the correct UA- code from Google Analytics
4 - You have the correct Date (i.e 2019 not 2018)
5 - Bot filtering view is turned off in Google Analytics. This is the most common reason why an event would not fire into Analytics.

If you are still having trouble with your webhook get in touch and the team will be happy to take a look.