Import Opportunity Stages as a CSV to Ruler Analytics

Not all leads will land on your website Monday, and convert by Friday. For some the sales process can be a lot longer and involve a lot more touch points to get a deal over the line.

While you have this view in your CRM, one thing you may not be able to see is where your Leads are coming from, and which channels are generating leads that may never convert, or get stuck in a certain stage in your pipeline.


With Ruler Analytics Opportunity view in the dashboard you can now upload a deal before it turns into Revenue, and send this data to your other products such as Google Analytics, Ads, Bing Ads and Facebook.

*How to manually upload your opportunities from your CRM into your Ruler Dashboard.

Step One - Configure your Ruler Analytics Dashboard

Configure your Opportunities to match your CRM Stages within your Ruler Dashboard.

Go to Settings > (

Under Opportunity Order, Add in your CRM Stages in the order you would like them to appear.


Note ** The variables you set here, should match the opportunity stage you will be uploading to Ruler. These are case sensitive so should match what you upload.

Correct FormatIncorrect Format
Ruler Configuration - New Lead
Upload Configuration - New Lead
Ruler Configuration - new Lead
Upload Configuration - new lead

Step Two -Download the CSV Upload Template from Ruler

Once you have configured your stages in Ruler, you can then download the ready made CSV template to upload your opportunities.

Go to Settings > Imports (

And download the example CSV.


Step Three - Export your CRM lead data

Once you have the template from Ruler, it is time to start populating the sheet with your CRM data.

Note ** How to Download your CRM Lead data will depend on the CRM you use, and each tool should have it's own documentation to support this functionality. If you need anything to assist with this step let a member of the team know.

EmailThe Email of the lead
PhoneThe Phone Number of the Lead
LabelThe Label you wish to attach to the lead, This can be anything you want for your own reference such as Customer ID
ValueThis can be any value you wish to attribute to the lead. This may be a forecast value amount at this stage. If the Lead has no value as of yet, pass a 0 Value in this field
DateThe Date the lead reached this stage. This will help you follow a timeline of your lead as it progresses through the stages
StageThe Stage you wish to map this lead to within your Ruler Dashboard. Remember this field is case sensitive and should exact match what you have configured previously in Ruler.

Step Four - Import your CSV into your Ruler Analytics Dashboard

Once you have populated and formatted your sheet, you can upload your data via Settings > Imports (

Select your File and Submit.

Your data should then be displayed within your Opportunity tab in your Dashboard.


Reporting Functionality

Once the Opportunity data is in your dashboard, you will be able to see the Lead, Stage and the Marketing Source that drove that Lead.

Quick Filter

Using the quick filter box you can search for your leads by their email address or phone number to find the Lead and view their progress through the Stages.


Chart View Update

You can split your Opportunities reporting view with the following variables

Attribution - First and Last Click View
View - Value or Count
Attribution Report- Source or Keyword


Once you have chosen your drop down, the view should update automatically and reflect in your bar chart view.

Any questions about uploading your Opportunity data, get in touch with a member of the team who will be happy to assist.