Event Configuration for Google Analytics 4

How to register events from Ruler in GA4

Ruler will send events to Google Analytics for various events in your Ruler Dashboard. You can then create goals to report on these events in your Google reports. For those using the GA4 dashboard, there will be a change in the way you set up and register events from Ruler Analytics.

When creating the events in Analytics, this will depend on the event/s you are sending from Ruler Analytics, please only set up the events you wish Ruler to send.

Please note Ruler will require the following variables from your account to set up the event trigger.

Measurement IDPlease see Googles guide on where to find your measurement id here.
Google API Secret KeyYour API Secret key can be found by going to GA4 > Admin > Data Streams > Select your stream.

Under additional settings select Measurement Protocol API Secrets.

You can either copy an API key you already have for that stream or create a new one called Ruler Events.

Setting up Events for Ruler Analytics in GA4

Step 1

The steps to set this up are as follows:

Login to Google Analytics 4

Click on Configure > All Events

Select “Create Event”.

Step 2

Under Custom Event Name, give this something relevant to the event you are setting up such as Ruler Phone Call. The name you choose will not affect anything with your setup.

Under matching conditions select

"Relevant Ruler Category Name"


i.e Events for Phone calls would be event_name contains Ruler Phone Call .

Please use the following Category name to correspond to the relevant event from Ruler Analytics.

Event TypeEvent Category
New Phone Callruler_phone_call
New Form Completionruler_forms
New Live Chatruler_live_chat
New Opportunityruler_opportunity

(If you wish to send separate events per opportunity stage, you can create the event as per the stage name - please just update your account manager who can update your configuration)
New Revenueruler_revenue
  1. Save to complete.

Any questions on setting up the Goals in Google Analytics 4, Please contact a member of our support team.