Call Rail

How to integrate your existing Call Rail call tracking with Ruler Analytics

Using the Ruler and CallRail Integration, you can post and attribute your CallRail calls into the Ruler Dashboard allowing you to dig down into the users individual journey as well as attribute your CRM lead status and Closed Won Revenue to the original Lead, using Rulers Closed Loop Attribution feature.

Using CallRails post call webhooks, you can send an event to Ruler Analytics each time you receive a phone call. Using the webhook variable ‘ga’, (google client/cookie ID), Ruler can then use this variable to attribute the Call to the user on your website within Ruler Analytics.

You must ensure the ga variable is enabled on the post call webhook, you may need to speak to your CallRail account manager about enabling this variable on your account. More information on CallRail webhooks can be found here.


Ruler can supply you with a webhook endpoint to post your call events to upon request, just email a member of the support team