Import Sales Data as a CSV via Email

Email your Revenue data as a CSV Report to Ruler Analytics.

Before you email over your CSV please ensure you confirm your email address and upload template with your Account manager.

Step one - Confirm this will be the method to upload your sales with your account manager.

email (required if phone isn't present)The email address of the closed sale/deal
phone (required if email isn't present)The callers number of the closed sale/deal
date (required)Date of closing/won. The date your revenue was received
Please use the following format 2019-03-15T13:14:00
value (required)The total revenue received for that deal/sale
labelYou can add any variable here for you own reference such as Order ID
ua (required to send event to GA)Your Google Analytics UA that you want us to fire events to
eventName (required to send event to GA)The name of the event you would like us to fire to Google Analytics, such as Offline Sale
transaction (required to send event to GA)Set this as 1 if you wish to fire it as a transaction in your Google Analytics account, 0 if not

Step two - Email over your CSV report to [email protected]

Step three - View your revenue data in your Ruler Analytics Dashboard.



Please note upload may not be instant, before uploading multiple files get in touch with Ruler and we can assist.