Import Offline Revenue to Facebook Ads

How to pass your Sales data from Ruler to your Facebook Ads account

There are different ways you can send your sales data as an offline conversion to Facebook.

Option One - Manually Upload

Using the lead's phone number and email address you can upload your Sales as an offline conversion to Facebook via a CSV.

You will need to create a new Offline conversion in your Account here.

More information on uploading your offline event data can be found here.



This option will suit all methods of the Revenue upload to Ruler Analytics.

Option Two - Connect your Facebook API

Step One - Create your Offline Conversion in your Facebook Account.

Step Two - Grant Ruler Login Access to your Business Facebook Account to allow us to send your offline events.



This option is supported if you send Revenue to Ruler as a CSV Upload to your dedicated email address ([email protected]). If you currently use a different upload method but would like to send your sales to Facebook automatically get in touch with a member of the team.

For more information sending your Ruler data to Facebook please get in touch with [email protected]