Goal Creation for Ruler Events

Ruler will send events to Google Analytics for various events in your Ruler Dashboard. You can then create goals to report on these events in your Google reports.


Bot Filtering

Before attempting to send any events to Google Analytics ensure you have bot filtering turned off, or at least one view where bot filtering is not enabled.

We recommend as a best practice creating a new specific Ruler Analytics view in your Analytics account and turning off bot filtering if you are hesitant about turning this off globally.

Bot filtering can be disabled in your Analytics view under Admin > View settings.

When creating a goal in Analytics, this will depend on the event/s you are sending from Ruler Analytics.

Step 1
The steps to set this up are as follows:

Login to Google Analytics

Click on “Admin”

Click on “Goals” – “+New Goal”.

Click on Custom

Step 2

  1. Give the Goal a relevant name such as “Revenue” if it for Revenue events, and choose type “Event” then Continue.

Step 3

  1. During this part of setup we recommend the following structure, however please feel free to set this to what you like and ensure you let your Ruler account manager know who can configure this on our side.

Please use the following Cateogry name to correspond to the relevant event from Ruler Analytics.

Event Type

Event Category

Event Action

New Phone Call

Ruler Phone Call


New Form Completion

Ruler Form


New Live Chat

Ruler Live Chat


New Opportunity

Ruler Opportunity


New Revenue

Ruler Revenue


  1. Save to complete.

Any questions on setting up the Goals in Google Analytics, Please contact a member of our support team.