Import Ruler Call events to Google Ads from Analytics

See your Paid Inbound Calls in Google Ads

Once you have set up the Ruler Analytics Goal in your Google Analytics account you can then import the Goal into your Ads account to see phone call conversions from your Google Paid Ads.



Please note your Google Analytics and Ads account must be linked before you can begin this process.

If you still need to set up the Goal in Google Analytics you can follow our guide here. The Goal must be set up in Google Analytics before you can see your calls from Ruler in Ads.

Follow the steps below to import your goals;

Step 1 - Login to your Ads account and select the ‘Tools, Billing and Settings’ option at the top of the account.

Step 2 - Go to Measurement > Conversions and click the plus (+) icon.

Step 3 - Click 'Import' and select your Google Analytics account and the Goal you wish to import (this will be your Ruler - Phone Conversion)

Your retrospective calls from Google Analytics will not automatically import to Ads, but it should start to pull through information for new calls that land in Google Analytics.