How to Integrate and track your Typeforms in Ruler Analytics

If you are using Typeform on your website to track inbound form conversions, there are a few requirements to be able to track these in Ruler Analytics.

If you embed Typeform using Iframes on your website, Ruler cannot automatically detect these submissions. You would need to create a thank you page on your website that the user is directed to after submitting the Typeform and pass all the form variables to the thank you page (name, email and so on) via the form settings. More information on that here.

Ruler can then supply you with some conversion tracking script to place on the Thank you page, see more on that here and send the forms to your Ruler reports.

Alternatively, you can look to download and add the HTML versions of the forms and add this directly to your websites HTML, instead of using an iframe on your website. If the forms are added directly in your HTML, Ruler should be able to auto-detect these forms. Please note this may be the most straightforward method.

Please look at Typeforms form embed options here


If you require any assistance or have any questions please contact our Support Team